15-23 July 2019

Dear Visitor,

We would like to welcome you on behalf of the organisers of the Olympic qualifying 2019 FIE World Fencing Championships. We honestly believe that – similarly to the 2013 event that was also organised in Hungary’s capital – we can again provide a memorable experience to the competing fencers, their masters, staff members, visiting spectators and television viewers.

The stake is big for multiple reasons. The event held between 15 and 23 July will qualify for the Olympics: in this fantastic and venerable sport, the road to Tokyo passes through Budapest.

This event is extremely important for us as well. The international federation, the participating delegations and the visiting spectators all remember the 2013 Budapest World Championships with appreciations regarding the hospitality of the Hungarian capital. Budapest has set the bar high then, and we will not lower it this time either.

We are waiting for you on the “hottest” days of next summer in our beautiful capital.

With regards:
The organisers of the 2019 FIE World Fencing Championships

2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest