Flashmob - With more than five hundred fencers

In Hungary, we celebrate World Fencing Day since 2015. This year, on the second Saturday 
of September more than half a thousand participants appeared “on the pistes” of the Heroes’ Square on an impressive flashmob event to raise awareness of fencing sport itself and the upcoming World Championships in Budapest.

With Olympic- and World Champions, cadet and junior national teams and the youngest generations taking part, more than five hundred fencers –all dressed in white— popularized our sport and the Olympic qualifying World Championships.

Among others, two-time Olympic Champion Lídia Sákovicsné Dömölky, Emese Szász-Kovács,
Géza Imre, András Szatmári, András Rédli, Fanni Kreiss, Dani Dósa, Edina Csaba, Kende Fodor, Ferenc Hammang, Péter Szényi participated along with some of our top wheelchair fencers Amarilla Veres and Éva Hajmási, the junior World Champion men’s epée team, several head coaches and Gábor Boczkó, who conducted the spectacle in the heart of the city as the Sport Director of the Hungarian Fencing Federation.

National coach Gábor Udvarhelyi, Secretary General Henriette Tamás and President Zsolt Csampa were equally glad to notice that the presentation of fencing sport became a real tourist attraction.

“We conquered the Heroes’ Square. I am glad that more than half a thousand athletes popularize this excellent sport – said the President of the Hungarian Fencing Federation. – It is certainly uplifting to know that our best fencers come almost spontaneously on their own and with pleasure. It is also very forward-looking that many fencers of the youngest generations are present. The importance of fencing in schools is just as high as competing on a professional level. To me, this morning is worth a World Championship medal, and so is the fact that on our School-Olympic events last spring the number of participants grew to three thousand from previous year’s two thousand. This time we were also present in large numbers.”

After fencing, the younger ones occupied the best spots of the Heroes’ Square to take photos with the statues and with the champions of course. After some autographing session on this wonderful sunny day, instead of saying goodbye to each other participants said: “see you in the same place next year!”

2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest