Introducing ourselves to the world

The Olympic qualifying World Championships that are advertised with the slogan “Summer in the City”, is a great opportunity for the capital and for the whole country of sport to introduce itself to the world – says Zsolt Csampa. The President of the Hungarian Fencing Federation talked about this during the press-event held in the studio of M4 Sport channel where along with Bálint Vékássy, Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, representatives of all four sports participated that will organize their World Championships in Hungary during the next year: table tennis, kayak-canoe and pentathlon among fencing.

I hope that Hungarian fencing will exceed -both in terms of organization and in results- the otherwise remarkably successful Budapest World Championships of 2013 –added the leader of the Federation.

“Unfortunately our plan to organize the finals in the Heroes’ Square seems to be aborted, so all events will be held in the BOK-hall. The athletes feel that the Budapest World Championship is an important phase of the qualification series, competing on the home field gives them additional strength.” –said Zsolt Csampa about the venue of the Championships, who also mentioned that the Organizing Committee was set up jointly with the Hungarian Kayak-Canoe Federation which also organizes qualifying World Championships in the summer of 2019.

On the press-conference the protagonists of the upcoming event were represented by sabre fencer Anna Márton –who just won a World Cup competition recently-, last year’s men’s sabre World Champion András Szatmári, and the epée Olympic Champion Emese Szász-Kovács who confirmed what the President said:

“It is much better to start the preparations for the season knowing that the main event of next year will be the World Championships in Budapest. All athletes seek to compete in front of their own supporters. I already had the opportunity once to fence in the World Championships in Budapest in 2013, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I can’t wait to feel this again, and I will do my best to fence for a medal. Moreover regarding the individual World Championship medals I only miss the gold one; it would be fantastic to triumph in Hungary.” says the Olympic Champion.

Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee Bálint Vékássy expressed his view that it is good indication of the power of Hungarian sport that our country will organize World Championships in four different sports next year. He was also happy to notice that the National Media Fund and the sport federations have such a good relation, because –as he stressed out- it is very important to show a good image of these events to the world.

“The fact that these events will be held in Hungary, underlines for us that the race for the Olympic quotas is on. Advantages of the home field are a key factor in this. The supporters will create the optimal atmosphere, and we hope that this means an additional opportunity of gaining places for Hungary.” -said the Secretary General.

“For us, the Olympics already start next year.” –stated Dániel Papp, CEO of the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund.

“Our mission is to provide coverage of all sport events -organized either in Hungary or abroad-, with a probable Hungarian medal winner.” – said the first man of the public media.

He added: in case of a Hungarian competition, our responsibility is even higher, because it is important to show the milieu of the event as well. Dániel Papp promised to broadcast the events with 21st century technology meeting the highest possible standards, on channel M4 Sport and all other platforms of the national media.

2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest