No surprises in women’s foil and men’s epée

The top 64 fencers in women’s foil and men’s epée have been facing each other on Day 5 with the aim of winning a medal at the World Fencing Championships in Budapest. None of the disciplines held any surprises in this round, and the Table of 32 will begin soon.

Defeating Marco Fichera wasn’t a difficult task for Yannick Borel in the Table of 64. The firstly ranked French epée fencer won 15-12 against his Italian opponent, so he can start preparing for his next bout against Patrick Jorgensen.

“My goal for now was to start the day well. I am delighted with my performance, I did well, and I made good decisions. I hope I can keep this up for the rest of the day” – Borel said straight after his victory. 

The start wasn’t as easy for András Rédli though, who had a tense bout against his Swiss opponent. Nonetheless, the Hungarian epée fencer could overcome Michele Niggeler in the last third, defeating him 15-11.

“I have a professional attitude, and I know that the first bout at home is always a little bit more difficult than usual. Michele Niggeler won a team gold medal last year at the world championships, defeating Yannick Borel heavily. We had a tense bout, but I am happy I could get back on track. I was quite cautious at the beginning, but I knew I had to do more for the victory. The most important thing was to take the lead, because I knew as soon as it would happen, I could certainly win” – the motivated Hungarian fencer declared.

Aida Mohamed started well in the Table of 64. The Hungarian legend qualified for the Round of 32 by a 15-12 victory against Kate Beardmore from Great Britain.

“I was calm when I woke up, I did my warmup at ease, everything was perfect. However, I had to concentrate and fight on the piste. I knew my plan exactly, which worked out well. I think this was a warmup bout, the rest is yet to come” – Aida Mohamed projected.

Two-times Olympic and seven-times world champion Elisa Di Francisca started the day with a very convincing performance. The Italian foil fencer had an easy, 15-4 victory against Ukrainian Anna Taranenko.

“I felt good on the piste. I didn’t really know my opponent, because we never met before. I am focusing on the next challenges from now on” – the fencer said, who won an individual and a team gold at the London Olympics, and a silver medal at the Rio Olympics.

The Round of 32 both in men’s epée and women’s foil are ready to commence, which last until the finals on Friday. The evening programme starts at 18:00 at BOK Hall.

2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest