Olga Kharlan’s four triumphs in a row

The Ukranian sabre fencer became world champion in Budapest, becoming the most decorated athlete of her discipline. Men’s foil celebrated a new world champion, namely Enzo Lefort from France.

The programme of women’s individual sabre has been the only discipline so far, which fulfilled the preliminary expectations. Two-times world champion Russian Velikaya Sofya, who is currently first in the FIE World Rankings, reached the final with an impressive performance, where she faced three-times world champion Olga Kharlan from Ukraine.

The final between the world’s firstly and secondly ranked fencers was tense, with the Ukrainian looking fresher, which helped her win the bout by only one touche, 15:14. 

„It was an interesting bout. I knew it was going to be very difficult, but I was looking forward to the encounter, because it was a dream final. I have a long day behind me, but I am unbelievably happy. Thanks for everyone who rooted for me” – the Ukrainian winner said while struggling with her tears. By the way she just increased her advantage in the FIE World Rankings with her fourth world championship title.

Contrary to women’s sabre, men’s foil was packed of surprises. Top 10 fencers got eliminated after each other, and many lesser known names kept on marching towards the final. One of today’s biggest miracles was performed by a 29-year-old British fencer, who started in the preliminaries and ended up in the final, defeating last year’s world champion Alessio Foconi, among others.

The British faced Enzo Lefort in the final, who had previously won a world championship bronze medal. The French started the bout better, and immediately took the lead by many successful touches. He won the final 15-6 in the end, collecting France’s first gold medal of this year.

“I didn’t feel that sharp in the first part of the day, but then I cleared my head and became more concentrated. I am very delighted with my victory, so now I will drink a beer. However, after that I am going to relax, because I have other duties in the team competition in two days, where our goal is to achieve the Olympic qualification” – Lefort commented after the final.

The competition continues with the Round of 8 in women’s epée and men’s sabre team events, while the medal matches begin at 16:00.

2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest