Áron Szilágyi and his teammates reached the final in a fantastic atmosphere

The Hungarian men’s sabre team can battle for the gold medal at the World Fencing Championships on Sunday. They will face the title holder Korean national team. There will be a China-Russia final in women’s epée.

Hungarian fans helped their team reach the final with creating an amazing atmosphere in the BOK Hall. Áron Szilágyi and his teammates won confidently against Iran in the Round of 8, and then defeated Italy as well. The Hungarian fencers couldn’t be more grateful for the support of their fans after winning the semi-final 45-38.

“The fans created a fantastic atmosphere, and we are so thankful for their help” – Tamás Decsi said, who came on as a substitute and performed brilliantly. Áron Szilágyi agreed with him saying: “We should be grateful for the fans. I feel like we were also affected by this atmosphere created by the local audience, and the opponent also felt that we were at home. I hope that there will be even more fans coming to support us in the final, and we can face the encounter in a hall packed of people” – commented the two-times Olympic champion fencer.

The Hungarian team will face Korea in the final, who have been the winners of the last two world championships.

“We know that Korea is one of the best teams in the world, but we will do everything to defeat them at home” – Tamás Decsi vowed.

Fans could see great battles as expected in the Round of 8 and semi-finals of women’s team epée. Title holder United States lost against Italy in the Round of 8, but the Italians didn’t reach the final either, since they got defeated by China, which managed to reach the podium five times out of the last six world championships. They have now made sure to continue their great run by beating Italy.

“We are very happy because we defeated a very strong Italian team in the semi-final. We performed well, and we were very unified, which was the key for us to reach the final. However, it’s not over yet, we are preparing for the final, because we would like to leave Budapest with gold medals in our pockets” – the Chinese fencers said almost simultaneously.

China’s opponent will be 2013 world champion Russia after defeating Estonia in the Round of 8, and Ukraine in the semi-final.

The medal matches in men’s sabre and women’s epée team events start at 16:00 on Sunday in the BOK Hall.

There weren’t many surprises in the preliminaries of the women’s foil team event. The highest ranked teams qualified for the Round of 8, the title holder United States and the firstly ranked France are still in competition, among others. The latter faced Singapore in the Round of 16 and lived up the expectations by winning easily.

“It was a good bout, I am glad that we won. We were fresh and concentrated, but we need to pay attention on Monday, because we will face more and more dangerous opponents. Our next bout will be against Germany in the next round, and only the victory is an acceptable result for us” – Emeric Clos, the French head coach commented.

The women’s foil team event continues on Monday with the Round of 8. The bouts start at 8:30 in the BOK Hall.

2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest