Third Korean gold in a row

The national team of South Korea became world champion in the men’s sabre team event for the third time in a row. The title holder defeated the Hungarian team in a great battle, which was supported by a large audience in the BOK Hall.

While South Korea marched towards the final with the confidence of a two-times title holder, the Hungarian team was driven by competing at home at the World Fencing Championships in Budapest. The fans who made an amazing atmosphere could see many twists during the final, and almost managed to help Áron Szilágyi and his teammates win the gold medal. Even tough the Hungarian team was closer to the victory, Oh Sanguk, who won an individual gold as well on Thursday equalized, and later made the winning touche.

„There was an unbelievable atmosphere in the hall, it was almost scary; but we could win the world championships again with great teamwork. I am very happy to win three times in a row, keeping on writing the history of Korean fencing” – Oh Sanguk said, who is just 22 years old, but has already won 4 world championships.

The final of the women’s epée was very exciting and tense too. The Russian team started better, but China took the lead in the fourth bout and secured it, even though Lin Sheng had to fence injured. In the last bout Violetta Kolobova equalized after a disadvantage of four touches, which seemed impossible to overcome, but Zhu Mingye made the winning touche in extra-time for China.

“The most important thing was that we believed in our victory for the whole time. The last bout was difficult, but we managed to get the winning touche in the end. We have been very successful together for years, because we are a united group of goal-oriented individuals. Budapest brought us luck again, since we won a silver medal here six years ago. So, we will bring home many beautiful memories from here, and we love the city even more than ever” – Xu Anqi mentioned happily.

The competition continues with the Round of 8 in the women’s foil and men’s epée team events at 8:30 am on Monday, while the medal matches of these disciplines begin at 16:00. The preliminaries of the women’s sabre and men’s foil team events start at 10 am in the BOK Hall.

2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest