“The stakes are high, it’s no exaggeration to say that the road to Tokyo goes through Budapest” said Hungarian Fencing Federation (MVSZ) President Zsolt Csampa at a press conference for the World Fencing Championships which are being held in Hungary, during which it was announced that the federation as signed an agreement with Volkswagen. Close to 2,000 competitors from 130 countries will participate at the World Championship, for which fans can now purchase tickets. 


The 2019 FIE World Championship – which doubles up as an Olympic qualification tournament – begins on July 15th. In nine days of competition, participants will compete in three disciplines as they take to the piste in both individual and team events at the BOK Hall in Budapest. 



As mentioned at the press conference, the Hungarian capital has already hosted the competition in 1959, 1975, 1991 and 2013, making 2019 the fifth occasion it has been held in the city. 



“In recent times Budapest has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it is no accident that more than four million visitors a year choose the Hungarian capital. Budapest is ranked as one of the most beautiful and safest metropolitan areas in the world by to the most important international tourist portals” continued Csampa. 



The organizers expect 8-10,000 supporters each day on which a final is held, and a total of close to 50,000. Tickets for the World Championship are already on sale at www.2019budapest.com. Prices for qualification matches are 1,000 HUF, whereas for final matches they are 3,000-4,500 HUF. 



“We’re incorporating state-of-the-art technology into the BOK hall, we’ll be using an integrated audio and lighting system, and will be installing LED screens and LED flooring on a surface of more than 700 m². In addition. Spectators will also be entertained by spectacular shows which will be similar to those which were shown at last year’s Wrestling World Championship” the MVSZ President added.  



National team World- and European sabre champions András Szatmári and Tamás Decsi held a fencing show in the Óbuda Volkswagen salon and launched the countdown clock that now shows the time remaining before the start tournament on the official World Championship website. The members of the sabre team also talked about being in good form as they begin the qualifying season as well as preparations aimed at the World Championship. 



“Being third-seeds in the world and runners-up in the Budapest World Cup is a good sign for the quota acquisition period. Since in our sport there are more qualification opportunities if the team itself qualifies, this is where we’ll be placing the greatest emphasis, and of course that together with the competitors in the other disciplines we’ll provide an unforgettable experience for Hungarian fans at the World Championship in Hungary” said Szatmári.



Zsolt Csampa and Volkswagen Brand Director Balázs Dalnoki signed a cooperation agreement at the event, thus the brand will be a major sponsor of the sport as well as the official transporter of this summer’s World Championship. 



“Volkswagen is one of the most successful brands on the domestic market; so far we have sold over 245,000 new cars. We are delighted to be sponsors of the most successful domestic sport and what promises to be a successful World Championship.  I believe that one of the most important things that both fencing and VW have in common is a respect for tradition. We have signed a long-term agreement and will be providing the federation with five vehicles, and as official transporter for the World Championship, will be providing 13 vehicles in order to aid the smooth operation of the tournament” said VW Brand Director Balázs Dalnoki. 



Organisers will be ramping up their promotion campaign for the World Championship, which will start in just over 100 days. András Szatmári, who won the individual World Championship title in 2017 will play an important role in the campaign, the catchphrase of which is “A Kind of Magic”. 

2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest