The promotional campaign starring András Rédli is rolling out

Then 20 year old András Szatmári was one of the greatest surprises of the World Championships of 2013. The Hungarian saber fencer made his debut in the seniors in Budapest, and was placed within the final 8 in the individual event. Moreover he was only one point short against the later silver medalist Nikolay Kovalev in the quarter-finals.

“I had a bitter feeling in the end, but of course in retrospect the Budapest event remains a beautiful and important memory for me. Many people congratulated me after the competition and they called me the next Áron Szilágyi, stating as a fact that I will win the next Olympic Games in Rio. Unfortunately I did not refuse to believe it, so I started to ride the high horse and my results in the coming years did not turn out to be as great as I hoped. I believe that I learned the lesson and I became more humble. Thanks to this I could win the World Championships in individual in 2017.” – said the 26 years old athlete, who looks forward to the upcoming Budapest World Championships and considers getting the Olympic quota for the men’s sabre team to be the most important task of the season.

“Many people will support us in the summer during the World Championships in the BOK Hall, and I am sure we will meet their expectations.” – added Szatmári, who spent two nights last week shooting the promotional video of the Championships as the protagonist of the film.

We still need to wait a few more weeks until the publishing of the promotional movie in which the individual World Championship saber fencer appears, but the posters of the event are ready. Two of our most outstanding epée fencers, András Rédli and Péter Somfai contest in the picture. The former having even nicer memories of the event in 2013 than Szatmári, since he won the gold medal in front of the Hungarian supporters among his teammates Géza Imre, Gábor Boczkó and Péter Szényi.

“As a regular team member always fencing the deciding bout, I hope that I will be a member of the team this year as well. I don’t even remember the last time I was not part of it. One thing is certain: the younger athletes are in excellent shape too and I am curious about what we can achieve this year. I believe that our men’s epée team is in the running for the gold medal in front of the local supporters, and I am sure that we will be present in the Olympics in Tokyo.” – said the Olympic bronze medalist András Rédli at the beginning of the qualification season.

Péter Somfai, another bronze medalist of Rio explained during the photoshoot of the promotional campaign that he considers the slogan “a kind of magic” a hit.

“Fencing is a very interesting sport, where not only skill, but luck and being in top form on the particular day can be key factors. We may call it magic when all of these are present. We can only be successful if we manage to make this “magic” happen on the piste.” – said Péter Somfai, who likes to fence in the home field even though his pupils are watching his performance with critical evaluation.

Men’s epée program of the Budapest World Championships:

16 July: men’s epée individual, qualifiers

19 July: men’s epée individual, T64, finals

21 July: men’ epée team, qualifiers until the quarter-finals, matches for the places 9-16

22 July: men’s epée team, matches for places 1-8.

2019 FIE World Fencing Championships Budapest